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Best for Small Business: IDrive

IDrive offers storage plans for individuals and businesses, which range from free to $74.62 per year. Not only can this service back up your computer, it also boasts extensive file-sharing and syncing capabilities. Specific features include the ability to share files and folders via email, Facebook and Twitter, mobile access, remote management tools and online file syncing. It can also back up multiple devices and back up files in real time. The service is highly secure as it transfers and stores files with 256-bit AES encryption using a user-defined key that is not stored anywhere on the servers.

Best for Collaboration: Egnyte

For businesses looking for a hybrid solution, Egnyte offers enterprise-level storage and file sharing platform that lets businesses store their data locally and in the cloud. This system enables all types of data to be stored in the public cloud, while highly sensitive data benefits from the higher security and better reliability of on-premise servers. It accommodates for any device and allows you to collaborate anywhere.

Egnyte cloud storage offers flexible and scalable plans that start at $8 a month per employee. This basic plan includes 5 TB of space and a maximum 10 GB file upload size.

Best for Long-Term Storage: Zoolz

Need big business cloud storage at small business-friendly prices? Zoolz gives small businesses access to powerful cloud storage without the sticker shock. Unlike its competitors, Zoolz comes with unlimited users and servers, making it easy to scale the service to your business’s needs. There are also no caps on your upload/download bandwidth speeds or file sizes, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to use the service when you need it most. Zoolz also offers “Tribrid” backup service which combines your local backup, their instant storage and cold storage.

Zoolz has a free plan with 10 GB of storage and a starter plan for $20/month that comes with 500 GB that you can upgrade from there.

Best for Hybrid Backup: Carbonite

Carbonite keeps small businesses and home offices running smoothly. The company offers a comprehensive suite of affordable services for data protection, recovery and anytime, anywhere accessibility. The services include automatic backup, easy restore capabilities, anytime, anywhere access and high levels of security. The files it can store include documents, spreadsheets, emails, point-of-sale files, pictures and graphics, videos, financial and accounting files and customer relationship management files.

Carbonite offers plans for individuals, businesses and businesses with server needs. Plans range from $6 to $50/month, billed yearly.

Best for Mac Backup: Backblaze

Backblaze is a simple to use and affordable cloud storage platform for general use. Its B2 Cloud Storage can be used for storage, file sharing, hosting or large-scale backup. This software is optimized for Mac systems and integrates with OS to allow you to seamlessly backup and restore your system in the event of data loss or a complete system loss. You can return you computers to the state they were in 30 days prior, which is useful for deterring ransomware or other malware.

Pricing is based on how much data you have and bandwidth. Backblaze also offers an unlimited cloud backup platform for computers. Backblaze Computer Backup costs $5 per month per computer. B2 Cloud Storage is B2 is $0.005 per GB stored per month and $0.01 per GB downloaded.

Best for Virtual Backup: Acronis

Acronis offers complete data protection, secure file access, and syncing and sharing solutions as well as system management tools suitable for any environment. Designed to work both on premise and in the cloud, Acronis works for any infrastructure, from small local businesses to multisystem enterprises with on-site and off-site endpoints.

Designed with small businesses in mind, the Acronis Backup features single-pass disk imaging that protects everything in one simple step. It can also recover anything and restore systems to different hardware without worrying about compatibilities. Acronis has its own cloud servers, but also works with the public or private hosts of your choosing.

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